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My Fan Review of Star Wars VII

OK, so it’s been a couple of weeks since the release of Star Wars and I’ve been holding off on my review but I feel now is the time to go ahead and post it now. So if you still haven’t yet seen it, do not read any further as it will be filled with…
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Dave and Laura’s Wedding Day

[caption id="attachment_859" align="aligncenter" width="529"] Wedding in DC![/caption] Well, it was a beautiful day for this couple to get married. Now there is just something special about his wedding that I have to say was a first for me but I really loved how this one turned out. This was my very first Jewish wedding I've…
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A Love Letter To You

A Love Letter To You Written by Mark Myers (January 9, 2014) Remember when you were a kid, Reading letters from your love, It made your heart flutter, Just like a little dove. Oh how it made you feel, Reading that special letter, It would brighten your day, Even making you feel better. But there…
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Our 50 Year Journey

Our 50 Year Journey written by Mark Myers (March 14, 2014) We started our journey, Fifty years to this day, A journey of love and joy, The best journey, we both would say! Yes we’ve had good times and bad, Like any couple would face, But with love for each other, We continued by God’s…
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