A Love Letter To You

A Love Letter To You

Written by Mark Myers (January 9, 2014)

Remember when you were a kid,
Reading letters from your love,
It made your heart flutter,
Just like a little dove.

Oh how it made you feel,
Reading that special letter,
It would brighten your day,
Even making you feel better.

But there is one person,
Who felt it so much more,
It was the one who wrote it,
Straight from their core.

Deep from the heart,
Would inspire their writing,
And as you would read them,
It made them much more exciting.

So consider the Holy Bible,
God’s Holy and precious book,
As it’s a love letter to us,
Why not take a look!

God’s Word is special,
With such love and affection,
It gives our life meaning,
To point us in the right direction.

God’s words were written,
As with an iron pen,
Bringing peace to our hearts,
Even keeping us from sin.

So take time out of your day,
And read something so true,
As the Holy Bible,
Is God’s Love Letter to You.

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