The Todd Wedding

Sometimes you just feel so blessed to be able to capture such memories for truly a wonderful and loving couple on their wedding day. Being a part of the Todd wedding just brings me joy and excitement when I look back at their wedding photos. I just see the happiness and love in both of them that just gives you a great feeling that these two were meant for each other.

I love seeing the brides face when she is walking down the isle with her dad and seeing her soon to be husband waiting for her at the alter. There is no greater pride for a father to be able to walk his daughter down the isle but it is also probably the hardest thing for a dad to do when presenting his daughter to his new son-in-law.


As the beautiful bride enters with her dad, she leaves out with her one true love to start their lives together. I tell you, seeing their faces light up when they came back down the isle together, showed me the passion these two have for each other.



Soon after the ceremony was over, the fun began and the first dances are always the best! Seeing dad dance with his daughter is always a big highlight just as much as the first dance with the new Bride and Groom!

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I know this is a small sneak peek at their wedding day and I wanted to share them and I will but I wanted to share these to just wet your appetite. All in all, I have really thank Mr. & Mrs. Todd for giving Studio by Myers Photography the best opportunity in the world and that was to be their photographer for the one of the biggest days in their lives. I cannot wait to capture future memories for this wonderful and loving husband and wife.

Congratulations to you both and I wish you the very best.



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