The Veteran

The Veteran

written by Mark Myers November 11, 2014

They are the men and women,
Driven with a determined affection,
To serve our great country,
And provide freedom’s protection.

They come in all shapes and sizes,
Some big and some small,
Ready to sacrifice everything,
Willing to give their all.

These are the men and women,
Veterans of the United States Military,
Protecting our nation and freedom’s,
Under our flag they honorably carry.

Our veterans have traveled,
To all corners of the Earth,
From fighting in the trenches,
To sleeping in holes in the dirt.

We should give them honor,
And the praise they deserve,
For they answered the call,
From our country they serve.

I am humbled by their service,
That they are giving or have gave,
Putting their lives on the line,
To our country they are so brave.

Give honor to our Veterans,
Stand with them every day,
For it is freedom they fight for,
Even with their lives they will pay.

Our veterans should be honored,
That much should be clear,
They deserve a never ending respect,
Not just one time a year.

When you see our veterans,
There is at least one thing we can do,
And that is to show we are greatful,
By simply saying Thank You!

So take time out of your busy day,
And show them our appreciation,
To all our Veteran men and women,
For their service and dedication.

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